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#AlRoker has an autistic kid?

December 19, 2015

Levi Quackenboss


Well good morning, Al Roker. I had no idea you had an autistic son until this morning’s “trending news” about your Godsent therapist of 10 years. The post got me wondering about your stance on vaccines, given NBC’s relationship with Bob Wright, the founder of pro-vaccine Autism Speaks. Bob has an autistic grandson whose mother, interestingly enough, strongly disagrees with his public stance on vaccines and autism. And your co-host Matt Lauer’s ex-wife has an autistic child of her own and she blames vaccines for his disorder, which is probably the reason why Matt and his second wife only selectively vaccinated their own children. But on the other hand, 19 months after getting into an argument with Nancy Synderman where Matt insisted multiple times over Nancy’s objectionsthat vaccines were controversial (minute 6), Matt was pressured intobeing truly terribleto Andrew Wakefield on the Today Show (minute 3) in…

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